Summer 2013 pots

September 4, 2013

Somehow amid all the mugs I was making for the GMCR catalog I have managed to make some new pottery to keep up with business from the Artist’s Market.  Here are some highlights.

IMG_4171 IMG_4174 IMG_4182 IMG_4201 IMG_4214 IMG_4226 IMG_4248 IMG_4251


2 Responses to “Summer 2013 pots”

  1. Al Martinez said

    Jeremy, The first cup with a crackle like glaze, is beautiful. Do you dip cups or brush? I am fascinated with exterior glaze, have you tried this glaze in a salt kiln? Is the surface smooth or textured feel? Will it be there for Open Studio? I could look at that for hours and hours. thank you for creating it. Al

    • The crackle glaze on the first cups is dipped. It has textual feel to it. I have not fired it in salt/soda but it is a very simple glaze that could be adapted to different firings. I do have some at my studio which will be open for VT Open Studio Weekend this Saturday and Sunday. Thanks for the comment!

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