I’ve done a terrible job this summer posting pictures of current work here on my website. I have been so busy with the summer season and new orders and commissions that I have not been vigilant about photographing new work and posting it here.  What I have been doing is posting “in process” photos of my work on my Instagram account during my day in the studio.  This group of photos is of both in process and finished work from my Instagram account.  I’ll continue to post new work here but if you like, please follow me there – my username is jeremyayers.


This is a group of mugs freshly glazed with the resist removed and ready to be fired.





This is a vase that has a future as a lamp base.  This photo was taken after the piece was assembled –  it is in the leather hard stage.



This is a group of finished lamp bases, pitchers and a group of test tiles of possible surfaces and glaze colors from my studio.


This is teapot with the vinyl tape resist applied – it is waiting for the glaze to be applied.


Here’s another group of lamp bases that are carved and drying in the leather hard stage.


This is a recent serving bowl photographed in action.  I brought it as a housewarming gift and a friend photographed it with a salad in it before it headed to the table.


This is a shot from a new project I am working on.  I am creating some large scale tiles for a commission.  This photo is from the leather hard stage.


This photo shows some recent mugs.  The ones stacked in the foreground are glaze fired in white and in black glaze…I also do the same design on brown clay with the white glaze.  In the background are glazed mugs in progress for holiday cup shows.