I make functional pottery from my home studio in Waterbury, Vermont. I live and work in this house with my beautiful wife Georgia Ayers and with our two sons Fletcher and Weston.

My studio is open by appointment, please email me if you are interested in purchasing pottery.

Currently my work is fired at cone 6 in an electric kiln.
I have been making pottery since 1996.

I received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 1998 and my Masters in Art Education from St. Michaels College in 2010.

I sell my pottery at:

MOCIUN – Brooklyn, NY                                                                                                              The Artisan Gallery – Northampton, MA                                                                                      Frog Hollow –  Burlington, VT                                                                                          Shelburne Vineyard – Shelburne, VT

Burlington City Arts –  Artist Market  – every Saturday from May to October in City Hall Park

and from my home studio and seasonally in a few different shows or galleries.

I balance my time between pottery making and teaching.   I teach pottery classes for Burlington City Arts and I teach Ceramics in Undergraduate Art and Graduate Education at St. Michaels College.

Contact info:




fletch wes 2013

One Response to “Hi.”

  1. Shelburbia said

    Gorgeous! Kids and teapots and mugs. Do you have any more of the blue on blue series. They have been our favorite bowls forever and we need at least one more. Anna

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