2015 Vases in progress

January 17, 2015

2015 vases in progress


brown white stripe mugI have been very busy in 2014 with commission and wholesale work but I have two events coming up where I am selling pottery before the Holidays.

I am opening my barn studio at 18 Elm Street in Waterbury, VT for a Holiday Studio Sale Dec 12-18 – open daily 10–6.

I will be set up at the BCA Holiday Artist Market at City Hall on Church Street in Burlington, VT.  The show is Friday Dec 19, 4-8 and Saturday Dec 20, 10-6.  This is the group that I show with on summer weekends.

Please contact me at jeremyayers@mac.com for additional info.

white stripe mug


I have new work on display in two different cup shows on display from late October through the holiday season.

If you’re in Pittsburgh check out the “Crafted” exhibit at Contemporary Craft on Smallman Street from October 24 through December 29.  http://www.contemporarycraft.org/SCC/Calendar.html

If you’re in the Boston area please visit The Society of Arts and Crafts on Newbury Street where “Our Cups Runneth Over” will be on display from November 8 – January 10.  https://www.societyofcrafts.org/exhibit/upcoming.asp

I’ve done a terrible job this summer posting pictures of current work here on my website. I have been so busy with the summer season and new orders and commissions that I have not been vigilant about photographing new work and posting it here.  What I have been doing is posting “in process” photos of my work on my Instagram account during my day in the studio.  This group of photos is of both in process and finished work from my Instagram account.  I’ll continue to post new work here but if you like, please follow me there – my username is jeremyayers.


This is a group of mugs freshly glazed with the resist removed and ready to be fired.





This is a vase that has a future as a lamp base.  This photo was taken after the piece was assembled –  it is in the leather hard stage.



This is a group of finished lamp bases, pitchers and a group of test tiles of possible surfaces and glaze colors from my studio.


This is teapot with the vinyl tape resist applied – it is waiting for the glaze to be applied.


Here’s another group of lamp bases that are carved and drying in the leather hard stage.


This is a recent serving bowl photographed in action.  I brought it as a housewarming gift and a friend photographed it with a salad in it before it headed to the table.


This is a shot from a new project I am working on.  I am creating some large scale tiles for a commission.  This photo is from the leather hard stage.


This photo shows some recent mugs.  The ones stacked in the foreground are glaze fired in white and in black glaze…I also do the same design on brown clay with the white glaze.  In the background are glazed mugs in progress for holiday cup shows.


2000 era pitcher

A customer recently purchased some pottery and after she did she contacted me to let me know. She sent along this picture of a small pitcher of mine that she purchased at the MassArt Alumni sale sometime around 2001.  I really like this little pot and I thought I would share it here.  Its rare that I like pottery of mine from long ago, but I remember this pitcher and I still think its nice.  Nice photo too.  I made and fired this pot while I was working at the Ferrisburg Artisan’s Guild.  Several of us were working there at the time firing our pots in the soda kiln.

I think I’ll make some small pitchers this week.




I am pleased to be a part of the annual Yunomi (teabowl) show at AKAR Gallery. The teabowls I made for the show are for sale along with many other potters.

Check out the show here:  http://akardesign.com/shows/index.asp?page=1

New vases on their way to becoming lamps.

This vase form is for custom order for lamps for an interior design firm.

Striped Mugs Everywhere

March 14, 2014

Striped Mugs Everywhere

Some recent striped mugs about to be unloaded.

My pottery was used for a shoot at Eating Well for the “In Season” column.  There’s the bowl at the bottom of the page and a cropped picture of plate at the top – page 48.  Woot!

eating well jan 2013

More striped mugs

January 9, 2014

I am continuing my experiments with vinyl striping.  This is a group of mugs I finished just before the holidays.  I sold all of them at the Holiday Artist Market but several of them are going into production for 2014.

IMG_4375 IMG_4379 IMG_4384 IMG_4385 IMG_4387 IMG_4389 IMG_4400